What exactly is The MindTrap;

The MindTrap is the largest live escape game in Europe with 48 escape rooms and 10 branches all over Greece. A team game which set the bar of alternative and interactive amusement up high. At the MindTrap we offer the best entertainment experience that is around at the moment.
The MindTrap rooms are specially modified spaces, based on a specific theme/scenario. The decoration is unique and breathtaking. Inside, a group of 2-6 persons is getting locked and they have to find all the clues, solve all the riddles, open hidden doors and operate weird constructions and mechanisms that keep the door locked. Our rooms are being played by already arranged teams of 2-6 persons. In order to play, the team must make a phone or online reservation.
In the game, players are never alone as they have their game masters who are watching the team during the game and they are ready to give helpful hints whenever the team needs to be a bit assisted.
The MindTrap rooms offer an outstanding, fun and interactive experience. In addition to this unique experience, many of our rooms include a unique and breathtaking performance by professional actors. Sometimes the performers are there to help the escape, sometimes their role is to prevent the teams from doing so, while other times they are there to scare the hell out of the teams…
The MindTrap rooms are fully equipped and safe so they won’t cause any kind of phobias such as claustrophobia. Though, if you feel uncomfortable or distressed, you can push the Panic Button and leave the room.