Intelligent Entertainment

Intelligent Entertainment

Intelligent Entertainment, a Greek startup company, managed to achieve the ideal way of entertainment, combining adventure, mystery and interaction, when created The MindTrap, the largest live game escape in Europe, initially in Thessaloniki and later in other cities. At September 3, 2014 Vasilis Pantsakis and George Michailidis took the decision to change the perspective people had about entertainment and create The MindTrap, which in a few months managed to acquire numerous fanatics throughout the country.

Escape Games- The Mindtrap

The starting point of The MindTrap was Thessaloniki where the first 9 escape rooms of Intelligent Entertainment were created. The 9 magic worlds were quickly stood out for innovation, uniqueness and endless fun that they offered. As in 2017, The MindTrap now counts 10 branches: 6 in Attica and 4 in Thessaloniki, Larissa, Ioannina, Chios, with 48 different themed escape rooms. The MindTrap rooms are designed with attention every single game and decoration detail. A key element that make the MindTrap rooms so unique is that many of them include a live performance from actors, who are part of the room’s theme and story, play a vital part in solving the game and offer an outstanding interactive experience to the players.


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